Liquid Floor Screeding Cambridge

Plastering Enhances Your Property

Plastering is a very important part of a building and it helps add strength and structure to your walls. We at New Market plastering make sure that after our work is complete, your building will get a smooth finish. All of our work is carried out by our qualified team. There are plenty of benefits and it is advised to get it done before you approach with further paintwork. Some of the benefits of plastering are:

  • Provides a makeover.
  • Plastering prevents future damage to the walls of your property.
  • Covers up the patches and cracks on walls.
  • Plastic increases the durability of the walls.

The floor of a property needs to safe and secure, for this proper floor screeds are to be carried out to enable a leveled and glossy finish to the floor. Our services can be applied to both domestic and commercial buildings. We make sure that the process is hassle-free for our customers and we use fast drying and self-leveling techniques that make sure our work is as efficient as possible. The materials that are used for floor screeds help provide a quality finish to your floor and easily settle around the pipes to give it an impressive finish. With the help of our qualified team, all your issues are can be resolved quickly and efficiently at a competitive rate.


Each job we carry out is different, our services in Cambridge are bespoke to the needs of the client. Our team of professionals ensure a high-quality service and offer a no obligation quote before any work is carried out. Plastering and floor screeds make sure that the overall look of a building is improved. At New Market plastering, we believe that whether you require work on a residential or commercial property, all of our work still remains of the highest quality. Contact us today regarding any of our services for a no obligation quote.